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FleetCarma electric vehicle monitoring portal screenshotSmart charging portal screenshot on tablet

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Take the guesswork out of EV adoption & deployment.

With different total cost of ownership structures, range, and charging capabilities, deploying electric vehicles in your fleet can feel much like putting together a puzzle.

FleetCarma makes it easier. Based on real-world data from your current vehicles, and a strong eye on your bottom line, our EV Suitability Assessment enables you to strategically adopt plug-in electric vehicles so that they work best for you.

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Maximize the ROI on your EVs once you’ve bought them.

Once you’ve deployed electric vehicles within your fleet, it’s important to ensure that they are being utilized effectively in order to see the greatest return.

Our driver on-boarding program makes it easy to do just that. The EV ROI scorecard shows exactly how to improve utilization, on a per-vehicle basis.

Monitor your EVs and benchmark them against other vehicles in your fleet.

A major challenge fleets face is the ability to integrate EVs into their telematics systems.

With FleetCarma, you’re able to manage all your fleet analytics in one system that supports all vehicle types. Our system was designed specifically to work with electric vehicles, unlocking proprietary data like electricity consumption, odometer,  battery state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health (SOH).

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A smart charging system with vehicle-side data.

With increasing EV adoption, electric vehicles are about to have a major impact on utilities and the grid.

Smart charging is the intelligent shifting of electric vehicle charging events, based on grid loads and the EV owner’s charging needs.

Incorporating vehicle-side data into your smart charging program makes it easier for EV owners to engage, and provides real-time insight into the status of the vehicles.

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Free Ebook

Electric Vehicles in Hot Weather

The range of an electric vehicle is often the biggest barrier to fleet adoption.  The available range can be affected by a number of factors but the outside temperature plays a large part. This e-book highlights case studies and strategies for EV operators looking for an overview on strategies for maximizing range.

Why FleetCarma?

One Platform For All Your Vehicles

Your conventional, electric, light-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles – all under one roof.


Flexible Hardware Options

From Bluetooth to cellular, we have a wide range of hardware options to meet your needs.

We Are the Electric Vehicle Experts

We eat, breathe, and sleep electric vehicles – and we have for years.



We Take Pride in Our Customer Service

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Trusted by organizations across the globe.

Changed the way we think about EVs

“We’ve gone from a mindset that thought we can never afford to adopt electric vehicles to a mindset that believes we can’t afford not to.”

Made us confident in our decision

“Using the FleetCarma system to collect data from our existing fleet helped us model the capabilities of EVs in our applications and to build the business case with our management team. It was really a no brainer after that.”

Easy, accurate, and useful

“No one else can tell you with this degree of precision and customization how EVs can be incorporated into your fleet. The numbers and models speak for themselves.”

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